Piero Squilla

Ferro Duo Italia awarded as 'Excellence of the Year Innovation & Sustainability - Circular Economy Solutions'.

When Green Business is the trump card. Le Fonti Awards awarded Ferro Duo Italia with the title “Excellence of the Year” in Innovation & Sustainability, Circular Economy Solutions category.

The award ceremony, held at Palazzo Mezzanotte (Milan Stock Exchange) on the evening of 10 March 2022, saw Managing Director Pietro Squilla take the stage to collect the prize, recognized for:
• Being a strategic partner of the circular economy
• Our focus on sustainability
• Providing ad hoc solutions for each customer
• Our many years of experience
Every year, the Le Fonti organization, with offices in Hong Kong, London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Milan, awards and values ​​the best brand on a corporate and personal level. Le Fonti is the only one in Italy with a certified and business-focused community of over 10.5 million people.
This reward makes us proud and encourages us, even more, to continue with our mission: a sustainable economy for everybody, where every resource has value. For 2022, there are many projects that Ferro Duo is carrying out to guarantee our partners the solutions they need.
We take this opportunity to thank our team for the excellent work they have done."